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Carvana Return Policy: A Comprehensive Guide [2024]

Making A Return at Carvana: A Customer's Guide

As a savvy consumer, you want to know everything about the return policy of any company you deal with, especially when it comes to a significant purchase like a car.

Carvana offers customers a 7-day money back guarantee on vehicle purchases, allowing returns or exchanges within a week or 400 miles driven. This guide covers everything about Carvana’s return timeframe, vehicle condition requirements, initiating a return, refund methods, and more.

Carvana has a car vending machine in Tempe, Arizona, where customers can pick up their purchased car from a five-story tower.

Carvana Return Policy Overview

Carvana Return policy Window

  • 7 days from when you receive the vehicle.
  • Must notify Carvana by 8pm EST on the 7th day.
  • Can exchange vehicles up to 2 times (3 vehicles total).
  • 400 miles can be driven within 7 days before return charges apply.

Return Condition Requirements

  • Vehicle must be in the same condition as delivered.
  • No accidents, damage, alterations allowed.
  • No new liens or encumbrances on the vehicle.
  • Will be inspected thoroughly at time of return.

Refund Methods at Carvana

  • Full purchase price refund, excluding any shipping fees.
  • Refunds typically processed within 7-10 business days.
  • Any trade-in will be returned if applicable.

How to Initiate a Carvana Return

  • Contact Carvana at 800-333-4554 before 8pm on 7th day.
  • Explain you’d like to return the vehicle.
  • Set an appointment time for Carvana to come retrieve the vehicle.
  • Complete any required return paperwork.

Carvana Return Exclusions

  • No returns allowed after 8pm on 7th day from delivery.
  • No returns if vehicle is damaged or modified.
  • Third vehicle received does not have 7-day guarantee.

“The used-car business is one of the few that hasn’t been disrupted by the Internet. But Carvana is doing just that.” – Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.

FAQs About the Carvana Return Policy

Carvana offers a 7-day money back guarantee from when you receive the vehicle. It must be returned in the same condition within 7 days or 400 miles driven. The purchase price is refunded minus any shipping fees.

You have exactly 7 days after receiving the Carvana vehicle to initiate a return. You must contact them before 8pm EST on the 7th day to start the process.

Yes, Carvana allows up to 2 exchanges (3 vehicles total) within the 7-day window. The third vehicle received does not have the money back guarantee.

The vehicle cannot have any new damage, accidents, liens, or modifications done to it. Carvana will thoroughly inspect the car at time of return.

Contact Carvana before 8pm on the 7th day and notify them you want to return it. Set an appointment time for them to come retrieve the car from you. Complete any required paperwork.

Carvana processes return refunds within 7-10 business days of picking up the returned vehicle. Any trade-in will be returned to you if applicable.

If you miss the deadline to initiate a return by 8pm on the 7th day, Carvana will no longer accept the return. The 7-day money back guarantee becomes void after that point.

Yes, all Carvana vehicles come with a limited 100-day warranty. It covers the engine, transmission, drivetrain, and more. Extended protection plans are also available for purchase.

Yes, if you traded in a vehicle and return the Carvana car within 7 days, you will get the trade-in vehicle back when they retrieve the car.

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