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Walmart Plus: A Complete Guide [2024]

Walmart Plus is the retail giant’s popular membership program that offers a range of perks and benefits for online shoppers. Launched in 2020 as an alternative to Amazon Prime, Walmart Plus now boasts millions of members who enjoy free unlimited delivery, fuel discounts, mobile checkout, and more.

This comprehensive guide will provide a deep dive into everything you need to know about Walmart Plus. We’ll explore the key benefits, delivery options, fuel savings, mobile features, membership pricing, value analysis, and tips for maximizing your membership. Read on to learn if Walmart Plus is worth it for your shopping needs!

Overview of Walmart Plus Benefits

Walmart Plus offers the following primary benefits to members:

  • Unlimited free delivery from Walmart stores
  • Fuel discounts of up to 10 cents per gallon at Walmart and Murphy gas stations
  • Mobile Scan & Go for checkout via the Walmart app
  • Rx for Less discounted prescriptions and medicine
  • Early access to Black Friday deals and restocked inventory
  • Member prices on select items


For a $98 annual or $12.95 monthly fee, Walmart Plus members unlock free shipping with no order minimums, discounted gas, app-based checkout, and other money-saving perks. Let’s explore each key benefit in more detail.

Is Walmart Plus Worth It?

With all of its many benefits laid out, is Walmart Plus ultimately worth the membership fee? The value you get out of it depends on your shopping habits and needs:

For frequent Walmart shoppers – Unlimited free delivery alone can make Plus worthwhile for regular Walmart/grocery shoppers wanting convenience. Add in the gas savings and other perks, and the $98 fee often pays for itself quickly.

For urban dwellers – City residents who buy groceries online, don’t own cars, and have limited store access get great value from unlimited free delivery.

For road trippers – The 10 cents off per gallon at over 2,000 fuel stations provides huge savings for long road trips around the country.

For families – Large households buying groceries, school supplies, home needs and more find value in Walmart Plus discounts and bulk delivery.

For deal hunters – Getting early access to Black Friday deals, Rx discounts, and member prices appeals to bargain shoppers.

Look at your shopping habits and if the key benefits align with how you shop, Walmart Plus can easily provide $98 in annual value. Take advantage of the free 30-day trial to experience it yourself.

Walmart Plus vs. Amazon Prime

As the top retailers in the market, many shoppers compare the value of Walmart Plus versus Amazon Prime. Here’s how the main benefits stack up:

  • Delivery – Amazon Prime offers free one-day shipping on more items, while Walmart has more grocery delivery options but fewer products eligible for fast shipping.
  • Media – Prime includes movies, TV, music and books, while Plus has no media perks.
  • Discounts – Both offer special member pricing, with Prime having more discounts on Amazon-branded devices.
  • Fuel – Walmart Plus’ 10 cents off gas perk is unique and far more valuable than the limited gas discounts of Prime.
  • Mobile checkout – Walmart Plus enables checkout via the app, unlike Amazon.
  • Cost – Prime is $139/year or $14.99 month-to-month, while Plus is $98/year or $12.95 monthly.


Look at the key benefits most important for your shopping habits to choose the better program. Walmart Plus excels for groceries, fuel and app-based shopping, while Amazon Prime is stronger for media and overall selection.

Walmart Plus Delivery Options

One of the biggest perks with Walmart Plus is free unlimited delivery on groceries and other purchases with no order minimums. As a member, you can choose from several fast and convenient delivery options:

  • InHome Delivery – Have groceries and more delivered right inside your garage or door so you don’t have to be home!
  • Same-Day Delivery – Place an order from Walmart stores and get it delivered in just a few hours, based on availability.
  • NextDay Delivery – Get next-day shipping on thousands of items from
  • Free 2-Day Shipping – Receive your online orders within two days for no additional cost.
  • Delivery from Store – Order online and have items shipped from your nearest Walmart store for fast fulfillment.


With multiple choices for quick, unlimited free delivery, the convenience factor of Walmart Plus membership is clear. Skip lines and parking hassles while still getting great prices.

Walmart Plus Fuel Discounts

One of the most unique perks of Walmart Plus is significant savings on gas purchases. Members can save up to 10 cents per gallon when fueling up at Walmart or Murphy stations.

To take advantage of Walmart Plus fuel discounts:

  • Locate participating Walmart or Murphy USA gas stations using the store finder. Over 2,000 locations offer savings!
  • Ensure you are signed into the Walmart app to activate savings.
  • Pay for your fuel as usual. The fuel discount will apply automatically at the pump and on your receipt.
  • Rack up additional savings by using Walmart Pay to earn cash back rewards on gas purchases.


Considering the national average gas price is $3.50 per gallon, a full 10 cents off per gallon quickly adds up to major savings for Walmart Plus members!

Mobile Scan & Go with Walmart Pay

Tired of long checkout lines? Walmart Plus members can skip the line and check out in seconds using Mobile Scan & Go in the Walmart app. It works like this:

  • Download the Walmart app and connect Walmart Pay to your payment method.
  • Shop as usual and scan items with your phone camera as you go. The app creates a virtual cart.
  • Pay instantly via Walmart Pay after scanning a unique QR code at a self-checkout kiosk.
  • Show your receipt to the associate at the door and you’re done!


Mobile Scan & Go also makes it easy to:

  • See product details, ratings, nutrition info and more while shopping
  • Search for items and locate them on in-store maps
  • Access digital coupons and member prices
  • Earn rewards redeemable for Walmart credit


With Mobile Scan & Go, members bypass long lines while still getting valuable shopping tools right on their phone. The future of frictionless retail shopping is here!

Other Perks: Rx Discounts, Early Access, etc.

In addition to the marquee benefits above, Walmart Plus also offers these nice perks:

  • Rx for Less: Get member prices on select prescriptions and save up to 85% on generic meds.
  • Early access: Purchase Black Friday deals four hours early and get first dibs on bestselling inventory online.
  • Member prices: Walmart Plus unlocks lower prices on certain popular packaged goods and baby items.
  • Free shipping with no minimums: Even non-Plus members now get free 2-day shipping on orders over $35.
  • Returns: Make free returns for up to 90 days on most items with no return fees.


While not as hyped up, these extra Walmart Plus perks add up to even more savings that members can take advantage of year-round.

Walmart Plus Cost and Ways to Save

Walmart Plus offers a few options for membership:

  • Monthly – $12.95 billed each month with ability to cancel anytime
  • Annual – $98 for a full year paid upfront
  • Free 30-day trial – Test it out first before committing

Students also get a special rate for Walmart Plus – just $49 a year with verification.

Beyond the base membership fees, there are also ways to save and earn back money as a Plus member:

  • Use Walmart Pay – Get up to 10% cash back on purchases
  • Buy gift cards – Earn up to 4% back in Walmart credits
  • Redeem rewards – Apply earned savings and perks towards future purchases
  • Split costs – Share a Plus membership with roommates or family members


While the $98 annual fee may seem steep at first, take advantage of all the integrated ways to save and Walmart Plus can pay for itself through member rewards and discounts.

Tips for Getting the Most from Your Walmart Plus Membership

Follow these tips and best practices to maximize the perks and savings from Walmart Plus:

  • Do an audit of your usual purchases – Would they benefit from Walmart Plus perks?
  • Learn your delivery zones and options – Optimize free shipping based on speed.
  • Use Mobile Scan & Go every visit – Skip the checkout line each grocery trip.
  • Check for Walmart+ member prices – Search for deals exclusive to members.
  • Fill up strategically – Make sure to get gas only at Walmart or Murphy stations.
  • Redeem rewards – Don’t let earned Walmart credits go to waste.
  • Share the Plus account – Split the cost with family to maximize the benefits.
  • Set reminders to cancel – If doing month-to-month, avoid accidental re-charges.


Optimizing your shopping habits around Walmart Plus benefits ensures you maximize the value of membership. Study the perks and use them strategically.

FAQs About the Walmart plus program

You can enroll in Walmart Plus via the Walmart app,, or directly in a Walmart store at the Customer Service desk. Just have your payment method handy.

Yes! You can add up to four additional household members to your Plus account to share benefits.

Walmart Plus includes unlimited free shipping on orders by all methods – NextDay, 2-Day, and standard.

You can use any payment method at checkout. But Walmart Pay earns rewards that enhance the savings of Plus members.

Currently Walmart Plus is only available in the United States. Check back for any updates on international expansions.

No. Unlike Amazon Prime, Walmart Plus does not offer any streaming media benefits.

Walmart Plus offers significant added value and savings for frequently Walmart shoppers. The benefits range from unlimited free grocery delivery to discounts on prescriptions, early access to deals, mobile checkout, and 10 cents off per gallon of gas.

While the $98 annual fee may seem high, regular Walmart customers who optimize their shopping habits around Walmart Plus perks can easily recoup the cost in convenience and discounts. Try out the 30-day free trial to experience it yourself.

With this comprehensive guide, you now have full details on how Walmart Plus works, who it’s best suited for, how it compares to Amazon Prime, and expert tips maximize the membership. Happy savings!

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