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Ikea Return Policy: Everything You Need to Know [2024]

Making A Return at Ikea: A Customer's Guide

Welcome to the Return Policy Vault, where we understand the complex journey of finding the perfect furniture and home accessories that align with your design vision and functionality needs.

Venturing into the vast world of home furnishings, especially from a brand as iconic as IKEA, can be both inspiring and intricate. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves, with the assistance of AI, to demystifying one essential part of your shopping expedition: understanding the IKEA return policy.

Join us as we decode the IKEA return policy, transforming what might seem like a routine part of shopping into an empowering tool that enhances your home furnishing shopping experience.

IKEA is an acronym, which stands for Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd. Ingvar Kamprad is the name of the company’s founder, while Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd are the names of the farm and village where he grew up in Sweden.

Ikea Return Policy Overview

Ikea Return policy Window

  • IKEA offers 365 days from purchase date to return unopened items with receipt.
  • 180 days with receipt to return opened products in new condition.
  • The 365 and 180 day windows are strictly enforced. No returns allowed past deadline.
  • Mattresses can be exchanged one time within 90 days of purchase.

Return Condition Requirements

  • Unopened items must be in original packaging with all parts.
  • Opened items must be clean, undamaged and in resalable condition.
  • No returns allowed without receipt. See other exclusions.
  • Requirements may vary based on manager discretion.

Refund Methods at Ikea

  • Original form of payment will be refunded with receipt.
  • Promotions and coupons will be deducted from refund total.
  • Expect immediate refund when making returns in IKEA stores.
  • Online returns take 7-10 days to receive refund once processed.

How to Initiate a Return at Ikea

In-Store Returns

  • Take unopened item and receipt to Returns & Exchanges counter.
  • Opened items also accepted within 180 days at Returns & Exchanges counter.
  • Get immediate refund in original payment form.

Online Returns

  • Print return slip from and include with repackaged item.
  • Pay return shipping and mail item back to processing center.
  • Await refund 7-10 days after IKEA receives and processes the return.
  • Or return in-store for immediate refund.

Special Ikea Return Circumstances

  • IKEA does not provide free return shipping labels for online orders.
  • You must pay all return shipping costs out of pocket.
  • 365 days for unopened items, 180 days opened. Strictly enforced.
  • Attempting fraudulent returns may cause refusal of future returns.
  • Management decides final approval or denial of any IKEA return.

Ikea Return Policy Exclusions

  • Items without receipt or proof of purchase.
  • As-is, clearance, or promotional merchandise.
  • Live plants, cut fabric, or custom goods.
  • Used, damaged, or incomplete items.

“IKEA has revolutionized the way we think about furniture and home decor, making it more accessible and affordable for everyone.” – Ellen DeGeneres, TV host and comedian

In the creative realm of home furnishing shopping, the IKEA return policy stands as a symbol of trust and flexibility. As we’ve explored, this policy is more than a set of regulations; it’s a commitment to customer satisfaction, enabling you to explore and invest in your home’s aesthetics with confidence.t.

FAQs About the Ikea Return Policy

IKEA offers 365 day returns for unopened items with receipt and 180 days for opened products. In-store only. No returns without receipt. Original payment method refunded.

No, IKEA strictly requires a receipt for all returns and exchanges. No exceptions are made for returns without a receipt or proof of purchase.

In-store IKEA refunds are done immediately. Allow 7-10 days to receive refunds for online returns once IKEA processes.

Non-returnable IKEA items include live plants, custom countertops, cut fabric, as-is merchandise, used items, and anything without a receipt.

Yes, IKEA does not provide free return shipping labels. You must pay all shipping costs yourself when mailing returns back.

Yes, assembled IKEA furniture can be returned within 365 days if unopened and 180 if opened. You must arrange pickup or return transport to store yourself.

IKEA does not have a special holiday return extension. Their regular 365 day unopened and 180 day opened policies apply year-round, even after holidays.

No, IKEA strictly enforces the 365 day return window for unopened items and 180 days for opened products. No returns exist past those deadlines.

Unfortunately IKEA does not provide copies of receipts if lost. You must have the original receipt for any returns. Check your purchase confirmation emails.

Once received by IKEA, allow 7-10 days for them to inspect, process, and issue refunds back to your original payment method.


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