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Lowe’s Return Policy: A Comprehensive Guide [2024]

With a vast selection of home improvement, decor, tools, and construction products, Lowe’s is a go-to destination for outfitting any DIY project. But projects don’t always go according to plan. That’s why Lowe’s offers a flexible return policy to give shoppers peace of mind.

This guide will explain Lowe’s return guidelines in simple terms, so you can easily exchange or refund items that don’t meet needs or expectations. You’ll learn the policies, processes, timeframes, and tips that take the hassle out of Lowe’s returns. Never fear, your purchase is protected!

Overview of Lowe's Return Policy

Lowe’s offers flexibility to ensure customer satisfaction:

  • Most new, unopened items can be returned within 90 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange. This allows ample project planning time.
  • To start a return, bring the item and original receipt to any Lowe’s store. For online purchases, contact customer service for return shipping labels.
  • Refund methods include back to the original payment, store credit, or exchange for a replacement item. Returns are usually processed rapidly.
  • Discontinued clearance merchandise is final sale and cannot be returned unless defective. Policy aimed at fairness for all.
  • Lowe’s investigates and reserves the right to refuse returns deemed excessive or fraudulent. This ensures reasonable use of their lenient policy.


Understanding the policy parameters makes returning worry-free at Lowe’s.

Originally focused on hardware and appliances for home improvement, Lowe’s was founded in 1946 by Lucius Smith Lowe in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, USA.

How to Initiate In-Store Returns at Lowe's

To start a return in a Lowe’s store, follow this simple process:

  • Bring the unused product to any Lowe’s store along with your original receipt within 90 days of purchase.
  • Provide the customer service desk with your reason for return – incorrect item, changed mind, project cancelled, etc.
  • Select your refund type preference – back to original payment, Lowe’s gift card, or exchange for a replacement item.
  • The staff will review your product against return policy criteria before approving your return request.
  • Once approved, the return will process immediately and funds get credited back to your account.


For in-store purchases, on-the-spot Lowe’s returns are quick and convenient.

Processing Mail-In Returns for Online Purchases

To return items bought online to Lowe’s:

  • Start by contacting Lowe’s customer service online, by phone, or chat to initiate a return request.
  • Provide order details like number and original payment method. Note your reason for return and refund type preference.
  • If approved, Lowe’s will email a prepaid return shipping label to affix to your package. Box up the unused return carefully.
  • Drop off your package at any UPS location or schedule a free pickup. Send within timeframe allowed.
  • Once the return is received at the processing facility, allow 3-5 days for the refund to be issued to your original payment.
  • Check your account transaction history for the refund confirmation once the return is fully processed on the back end.


Though not instant, the online return process is straightforward. Lowe’s handles the logistics once initiated.

Lowe's Return and Exchange Timeframes

To allow project planning and decision time, Lowe’s offers these return windows:

  • 90 days – The standard return window for most products, providing ample time to evaluate items after purchase.
  • 1 year – For live plants that perish or fail to thrive within one year, despite proper care.
  • 2 years – Special order carpet or customizable blinds can be returned within 2 years from order date.
  • 180 days – Lowe’s credit card holders enjoy 180 day extended return window as a benefit.
  • Immediate – Products missing parts, incorrect items, or damaged merchandise should be returned immediately for replacement.
  • Closing/liquidation – If a Lowe’s location closes, they provide a limited window to return items to nearby stores.


Understanding the specific return and exchange windows prevents unexpected denials down the line.

Reasons for Returning Items Purchased at Lowe's

There are a few common reasons shoppers return items to Lowe’s:

  • Product defects – Any damage, flaws, or performance issues allow returns to swap for an intact item. Lowe’s stands behind product quality.
  • Incorrect item – Receiving the wrong model number, size, features, or color warrants a return. Lowe’s fixes improper fulfillment.
  • Changed mind – For most products, if you decide within the timeframe that an item isn’t suitable for the project after all, Lowe’s will approve a return.
  • Project cancelled – If plans fall through and purchased items are no longer needed, returns allow getting your money back.
  • Better price found – If another retailer offers a lower price on an identical in-stock product, Lowe’s may refund the difference.


Knowing the “why” behind the return is the first step before starting the process.

Types of Items Eligible for Return

Lowe’s allows returns and exchanges on most products purchased through their stores and

  • Unopened appliances, electronics, tools, hardware, and home improvement items
  • New in box home furnishings like mattresses, furniture, organization products
  • Unused lumber, fencing, decking and other building materials
  • Sealed storage and organization products like shelving units, bins, cabinets
  • Unused paint, flooring, siding, roofing, lighting, and other project materials
  • Garden plants, shrubs, or trees can be returned if they die within one year
  • Holiday and seasonal items if returned within the 90 day window after season ends


The key is returning products unused in original packaging. Then, Lowe’s can reshelf or resell the items.

Receiving Refunds from Lowe's

Once your return is completed, Lowe’s issues refunds in the following convenient ways:

  • Original payment method – By default, the refund will be credited back to the original debit/credit card used for purchase.
  • Lowe’s gift card – Alternatively, returns can be refunded to a Lowe’s store credit gift card for redemption in-store or online.
  • Product replacement – For damaged/defective items, Lowe’s will swap for the identical or comparable product so no refund required.
  • Store credit – If original payment details are unavailable, credit can be applied to your Lowe’s account to use for future purchases.
  • Check – In special cases like store liquidations, Lowe’s may send approved returns refunds in the form of checks.


Smooth returns mean getting money credited back promptly. Know what to expect for Lowe’s refund methods.

Potential Issues and Solutions with Lowe's Returns

While Lowe’s has lenient policies, a few potential return mishaps can occur:

  • Missing the 90 day window – Contact Lowe’s, provide original receipt, and kindly explain if special circumstance.
  • Lost receipt – Lowe’s can look up past purchases with your credit/debit card details. Have ready for staff.
  • Online return shipping mishaps – Contact Lowe’s if not received after 2 weeks. They can reship labels or trace packages.
  • Wrong refund method – To change payment destination, visit customer service in-store for assistance.
  • Items damaged en route – Insure high-value mail returns and thoroughly photograph packaging showing damage upon arrival.


With good records and a little perseverance, many return issues can be resolved smoothly. Communicate with Lowe’s anytime a problem arises.

“Lowe’s is a trusted home improvement brand that’s been around for over 70 years, offering homeowners everything they need to tackle any home improvement project.” – Ty Pennington, TV host and carpenter.

Lowe’s flexible return policy provides significant peace of mind for home improvers and DIYers, allowing ample time to evaluate products while protecting shoppers in the event of defects or changes. By understanding return windows, following Lowe’s guidelines, and acting quickly when warranted, returns and exchanges can happen smoothly.

Some diligence in vetting purchases upfront goes a long way too. Lowe’s aims to fulfill projects accurately the first time, but stands ready to make returns hassle-free on the rare occasion when needed. Feel empowered to take on new projects knowing the process is protected.

Tips for Smooth, Easy Lowe's Returns

Follow these best practices for seamless Lowe’s returns that get quick refunds:

  • Keep all receipts and proof of purchase documents accessible in case a return is needed down the line.
  • Return sooner rather than later – come prepared within Lowe’s 90 day window before time expires.
  • Carefully repackage unused items with all original parts, pieces, manuals and contents for return.
  • For mail returns, choose the free prepaid shipping return option provided by Lowe’s. Don’t pay out of pocket.
  • Return in store when possible for fastest processing and immediate refund or exchange option.
  • If exchanging, find your new choice item before leaving the store. Get your replacement right away.


Follow the return guidelines and processes closely. Lowe’s aims to make returns hassle-free experiences.

FAQs About the Lowe's Return Policy

Lowe’s offers 90 day returns on most items. Must be in original packaging and unused condition. Free return shipping offered whether in-store or by mail. 365 days for credit card holders.

Yes, Lowe’s does returns without a receipt and will look up the purchase with your photo ID and payment details. You may get store credit instead of original payment method refund.

Most products can be returned within 90 days to Lowe’s. Exceptions are 48 hours for appliances, 30 days for paint and outdoor equipment, and 1 year for live plants.

Most products can be returned within 90 days to Lowe’s. Exceptions are 48 hours for appliances, 30 days for paint and outdoor equipment, and 1 year for live plants.

No, Lowe’s only allows returns on new, unopened items that are still in original packaging. Anything used or assembled won’t be accepted.

Lowe’s holiday policy allows returns on seasonal items up until the day of the holiday itself (like Christmas or Halloween). Anything bought after is final sale.

In-store Lowe’s returns are refunded right away. Allow 2 weeks for mailed returns to process. Debit card refunds may take up to 15 days to post.

No, Lowe’s doesn’t offer exchanges by mail. You need to return the item, then place a new order for the exchange product separately.

Non-returnable items include gift cards, services, flammable liquids, hazardous materials, and any opened, used or assembled merchandise.

No, Lowe’s only refunds the cost of products themselves. Any original shipping or delivery fees on orders are non-refundable, unless due to a Lowe’s error.

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