1960s-inspired illustration of a woman trying on a dress with assistance from a smiling salesman, in a Lane Bryant-like clothing store, capturing a friendly and stylish shopping experience.

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Lane Bryant Return Policy: A Comprehensive Guide

Lane Bryant Return Policy Snapshot

45-day return window for most items.

Extended to 60 days for Credit Cardholders and Reward Members.

Special conditions for returns, including final sale items and intimate apparel.

Options for receipted and receiptless returns.

1960s-inspired illustration of a woman trying on a dress with assistance from a smiling salesman, in a Lane Bryant-like clothing store, capturing a friendly and stylish shopping experience.

Lane Bryant, a leading name in plus-size fashion, offers a generous 45-day return policy, extended to 60 days for Credit Cardholders and Reward Members. This policy provides ample time for customers to make decisions on their purchases.

Lane Bryant’s return policy allows returns within 45 to 60 days, depending on customer membership status. The policy offers refunds to the original form of payment or store credit for returns without a receipt. Understanding the nuances of this policy, including the extended return period for Credit Cardholders and Reward Members, is vital for a smooth return experience.

Special Conditions for Returns

Certain items at Lane Bryant are subject to specific return conditions. Final sale items, intimate apparel, and altered merchandise may have restrictions or be ineligible for return. It’s important to be aware of these conditions prior to purchasing.

Product Exclusions and Restrictions

Lane Bryant’s return policy includes exclusions and restrictions for certain product categories. Understanding these exclusions is key to ensuring your items are returnable.

Lane Bryant was founded in 1904 by a woman named Lena Himmelstein Bryant, who started with just a single dress shop in New York City.

Returning Online and In-Store Purchases

Items bought online can be returned in-store or via mail. Lane Bryant offers flexibility in the return process, allowing customers to choose the method that works best for them. Whether it’s an in-store or online purchase, the return policies ensure customer satisfaction.

Procedure for Returns with and without a Receipt

For returns with a receipt, Menards offers straightforward refunds or exchanges. Without a receipt, customers can use the Return Receipt Kiosk at any Menards store to print a receipt if the purchase was made by check or credit card. No-receipt returns may be subject to the lowest price offered, including discounts and rebates.

Step-by-Step Guide to Return a Product at Lane Bryant

To return an item to Lane Bryant, start by determining whether you will make the return in-store or online. For in-store returns, bring the item with the receipt or proof of purchase to any Lane Bryant store. For online returns, log in to your Lane Bryant account, select the items you wish to return, and follow the prompts to create a return request. Mail the item back, ensuring it’s securely packaged and in its original condition.

Handling Non-Refundable Goods at Lane Bryant

Certain items at Lane Bryant are non-refundable, including final sale items, intimate apparel, and altered merchandise. It’s important to review these exclusions before making a purchase.

Lane Bryant Exchange Policy

Lane Bryant offers exchanges for items within the return window. If you wish to exchange an item, bring it to a store with the original receipt. This policy is beneficial if you’ve bought an incorrect item or prefer a different product.

Lane Bryant Refund Policy

Refunds at Lane Bryant are processed to the original form of payment for both in-store and online returns. For items returned without a receipt, store credit is provided. The refund process is efficient, ensuring customer satisfaction.

“Lane Bryant is a brand that celebrates and empowers women of all shapes and sizes. Their commitment to inclusivity is inspiring and necessary in the fashion industry.” – Ashley Graham, model and Lane Bryant collaborator.

Lane Bryant’s return policy offers a customer-friendly approach with a 45 to 60-day window for most items. The policy provides flexibility for refunds, exchanges, and store credits, accommodating a wide range of customer needs. It’s essential to understand the specific terms and conditions, especially for excluded items and special categories, to ensure a smooth return experience.

FAQs About the Lane Bryant Return Policy

Lane Bryant offers 45 day returns on most items with receipt. 60 days if purchased with their credit card. In-store and online returns. Refunds to original payment method.

Yes, you’ll get lowest selling price in last 60 days as store credit typically. Valid photo ID may be required. Information may be kept in customer return database.

In-store Lane Bryant refunds are immediate. Allow 45 days from receiving and processing mailed returns for refund to issue.

Non-returnable items include final sale merchandise, used/worn/washed items, special orders, custom items, and anything not in stock currently.

Yes, Lane Bryant deducts $5.95 from refunds when using their prepaid return label. Return shipping is free if done in-store instead.

No, Lane Bryant does not offer exchanges on returns. Items must be returned then repurchased separately as a new order.

Lane Bryant does not have a special holiday return extension. Their regular 45/60 day policies apply year-round, even after holidays.

No, after 60 days (45 without credit card), Lane Bryant will not accept returns or exchanges. They strictly enforce the 45/60 day limit.

Check your confirmation email or order status online. Or have the membership desk lookup your purchase info using the card you paid with.

Once received by Lane Bryant, allow 45 days for inspection and refund processing back to your original payment method.

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